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Fundraise with Bling t-shirts and other items. It's easy and a new and fresh way to raise money. Let Sports-Bling help you create a custom shirt that your parents and athletes want to wear to provide support at your events or anywhere that they want to standout.


Let us give your team, spirit squad or school a custom Bling line of clothes that will WOW and be the talk of the event.  Most of the designs you see are just a start at what can be done in Rhinestones.  Logos and other designs are available as a custom stone project.


Reasons to fundraise with Sports-Bling items:

  • Zero Risk (orders are placed and paid for without having to collect $)

  • Unique Items that almost sell themselves. 

  • You receive a percentage of sales back to your organization paid upon delivery of the items.

  • We'll customize to help you sell more.




T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Gym bags, Duffle bags, Backpacks - New items added constantly.

Email and notify us of your ideas and we'll get you started.





If you really want to stand out, Bling is the Thing!